Thursday, March 10, 2011

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A sign of the times
 A co-worker was in the mall yesterday and was handed a flyer for the "Ride to Conquer Cancer" which he brought back to the workplace and showed  me.  My colleague very much wants to do a bike tour but was dismayed to read that an entrant to the "Ride..." needs to raise a minimum of 25 hundred beans to qualify.

I tried not to be too enthusiastic about the MS Tour to Camrose and back.  But I couldn't help myself.  And I energetically described what the tour was like and that to enter, a person needs only to raise $275.00.  A lot of riders that I've met on previous tours paid the 275 simoleons just to participate.  Think about it.  If you were to go away for the weekend and have everything taken care of for you (accomodation, food, entertainment etc.), you would undoubtably spend more than that.

Everything is taken care of for you by the MS Society.  Raise $1,000.00 and they will partially dress you as well.  In a very snappy Louis Garneau cycling shirt.  Raise more and they will outfit you with matching cycling shorts to go with the shirt. As well, your safety is never a concern in that marshalls patrol the length of the tour on both days to ensure that everyone is safe.  Pickup trucks (flaggin' wagons) connected by radio communication are there to pick up you and your bike should the tour prove to be too much for you.  I found out last year in talking to one of the "slouch wagon" drivers that if you pull to the side of the road and take off your helmet, it is a clear signal that you wish to be picked up.

Every 15 klicks is a rest stop where fresh fruit, liquids and food are provided.  Plus portapotties and United Cycle will be happy to make minor repairs to your bike.  At the early rest stops, the lineups can be daunting (especially if you have to go) but as the tour progresses and riders spread out, you can usually have and do what you want without waiting.

Riders have started to spread out....

When you reach the finish line, volunteers will be there to cheer you in and a huge barn is provided to store your bike.  The barn is locked up tight and has security as well.  Then a huge banquet is prepared for you including live entertainment.  Masseurs are on hand to unknot your muscles and moving trucks are there with your luggage all laid out in numerical order.  A campground is located right at the finish line (away from the beer gardens) for you to pitch your tent.

Breaky is served the next morning starting at 6:30 and the trucks are ready and waiting for your luggage.  The start of the second day is rather haphazard and the early birds really do catch the worm. Meaning that there won't be any crowding when you pull into a rest stop.  Since I stay in a nearby motel, I have my bike with me and can leave the start line as soon as I scarf down b'fast.

In an effort to not oversell you, I'll leave you with this thought:

All you have to do is ride.


  1. Hello my friend I can not wait for the MS Biketour my wife is doing it with me this year I love your blogs keep them comming hope to see you at EBC soon again keep up the good work
    Your friend waterfiltration Don

  2. Massuers is incorrect, they would be reffered to as Massage Therapists, or RMT (Registered Massage Therapist)...just fyi!

  3. At 2500, the RTCC provides all of these same things and they raise a tonne of money for the cancer society of Alberta which goes into both cancer research and patient care at the cross cancer institute in Edmonton and the Tom Baker clinic in Calgary.

    When I participated last June it was declared to have been the single largest cancer fundraiser in the history of Alberta.

    7.3 Million dollars last year alone!

    MS has affected my life technically more than cancer so I help out at the tour in Leduc. Cancer killed the closest person in my life (my uncle) so I ride and fund raise with the RTCC.

    If you participate in either, you are dong something that is good, I don't hold one over the other, for me though my choice is made. If anyone wants to join/merge with me please e-mail

    Happy trails!