Tuesday, March 8, 2011

American Cheese

At -23, I decided that it would be best to ride downstairs in the basement rather than outside.  There is an area I have set aside in the basement for exercising which includes two bike set-ups and a weight lifting area.  One of the bike set-ups is freestanding on top of rollers and the the other set-up is a stationary trainer.  When I really want to concentrate on watching a movie while I ride, I choose the stationary option.  If what I'm watching is not too exciting then I ride on top of the rollers.

It wasn't too long ago that I was watching "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and the excitement on the screen was so stimulating that I rode off the rollers which in itself is no big deal except when you are travelling at 15 Kilometers an hour, the basement wall comes at you pretty darn quickly!  If I crash into the entertainment center and DVD's fall to the floor or the remotes bounce around, my wife will call down to see if I'm okay.

Which brings me to a movie I partially watched while riding - "American Flyers".  Starring Kevin Costner, the movie is a tale of a complicated relationship between two brothers.  A love/hate thing going on there.  Made in 1985, the movie for the most part is cheesyola.  Hokey music, cellphones the size of walkietalkies a van the size of a school bus.  But Kevin Costner has a state-of-the-art top loading VCR!

The plot is thin and usually I'm not one to figure out the outcomes of most movies I watch, however, even though I have yet to watch the "big race" part of the movie, I can already tell that the younger brother David, by his forced smile when watching a video of crowds cheeringa trophy wielding champion, will win the "big race"  and who will be in the crowd cheering him on?  None other than the hippy-girl he met at the McDonalds!

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