Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paul Lautard and his Biker's Rest Stop

Last year when we stopped into the Cyclist's Rest Stop in Rhone, B.C., the place was vacant and the owner Paul Lautard was nowhere to be seen. It felt lonley without Paul's presence and the For Sale sign hanging out front was not encouraging.

This year, Roy and I had the good fortune to run into Paul just as we pulled into the Rest Stop on our way back to Rock Creek from Beaverdell. As soon as I could, I threw myself into the hammock that is suspended from the rafters of the shelter while Roy and Paul chatted at a nearby table.

Since it was 35+ degrees outside, the shade offered welcome relief and I didn't mind having to pick off black ants the size of Rice Krispie kernels as Paul related stories about the Kettle Valley Railway.

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