Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Everything Except the Sink

My daughter just came back from a weekend bicycle camping trip and told me many car and RV campers came up to her and expressed surprise at how a full camp can be set up when just riding a bike.

We had a similar experience in Grand Forks when we put up our camp there on our recent trip. With this being my eighth bikepacking trip and Roy's ninth, we think nothing of the fact that everything we need for camping is in each of our two saddlebags.Stoves, cutlery,swimsuits, shoes, rain gear, toiletries, food, fuel, water - not to mention night - time illumination and changes of clothes all fit on our bikes.

Camping heaven

While pushing in tent pegs with my stiff-soled cycling shoes, I glanced around the park and noticed a camper at a nearby site staring intently at Roy and I as we built our camp. Had we taken a spot she wanted? Were we too close to her campsite? Was she enjoying the sight of two Spandex clad males?

It wasn't until after we had quaffed some cold beer and began to prepare supper that the lady camper's husband, Holger came over to visit and to let us know that his wife Linda was impressed that the two of us could set up a comfortable camp that included such domestic touches as a clothesline with towels, socks and cycling gear already hung out to dry with only bikes for transportation.
Fully loaded
We must have proven to Holger that we were harmless since both his wife Linda and their son Carl came over to visit and Roy and I were able to show off some of our equipment (meaning I showed them my folding bowl and plate).  While we were going to ride to Christina Lake the next day, they were planning on riding their bikes to the summit at Eholt.  Since we had just come down from that very summit, we were able to give them some helpful advice on how to negotiate the sandy trail and also to expect to take three hours to reach the top.  Both Linda and Carl looked very fit so I guess that even though it would take Roy and I three hours to reach Eholt, the two of them, without all the camping gear could do it in much less time and come back to an already prepared camp.

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