Friday, January 13, 2012

The Dream Board

Right next to where I write the majority of my blogs I keep a large cork bulletin board which I cover with photos of my bike adventures.  This display never ceases to put a smile on my face every time I glance that way.

Currently, the cork board is covered in pictures from last summer's Kettle Valley Railway excursion.  One of my favourite pictures is of my two friends, Perry and Roy riding almost side by side up ahead of me.  I timed the taking of the picture so that they would be passing through sunlight and out of the shady grove of lush forest.
The boys exiting the forest
The one picture that really grabs my eye is PIE!  Look at that thick, sugar covered piece of art!  See an earlier blog that says it all:

As I occasionally let my eye wander over to the cork board I'm inspired to plan another bike camping trip or as I've recently learned, these trips are now called "bikepacking" trips.  Which makes complete sense to me as your panniers really are small versions of backpacks that strap onto your bike.

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