Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Woe is me

On the way back from buying papers at the local convenience store (in other parts of the country, they're called Variety stores), I happened upon this bike hidden in the trees just off the parking lot of the store.

A quick look showed that the bike was locked, albeit not very well, to a coniferous tree.  Otherwise it might have ended up as a donation to the bike co-op or in a spring garage sale.

I always wonder about these bikes.  They aren't abandoned since they are locked up yet they show up one day and then are left for months to sit and gather snow in the winter or leaves in the fall or tall grasses caress their frames in the summer.  Did the owners die?  Move away suddenly?  Did the first snowfall of winter make their owner ditch them in favour of a season of public transport?

At least this particular bike was semi-hidden and the evergreen trees offer some protection from the harsh winter elements.  And the knee - deep snow surrounding this makeshift parking spot might discourage investigation.  Once a week when I get my Saturday papers, I'll watch this baby and see if it doesn't disappear just as suddenly as it appeared and then I'll wonder - did somebody steal it?  Is the weather good enough for its owner to ride again?  Has the rider remembered where they left it?

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