Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pie, Pie, Pies

After our ride down from Oliver, we pulled our bikes off the main street of Osoyoos and parked them at the Farmer's Market while we continued our hunt for pies for Roy.  By this time, I was getting sold on the the idea of pie and starting to fantasize about the delicious taste of the velvety filling and the sharper taste of the crust that eating a slice of pie offers.  At every booth in the Farmer's market that we stopped at to inquire about pies, we were told that "Cassie the Pie Lady" had plenty for sale.  It was at the last booth that we were informed that we could find the "Pie Lady" behind the Royal Bank further down the main drag in downtown Osoyoos.

The whole search reminded me of another Kettle Valley Rail trip back in 2007 when we rode our bikes into Chute Lake at around 8 o'clock in the evening and dusk was beginning to fall around us.  The place looked closed but Doreen, the owner of the resort let us in and very kindly cooked up some hotdogs in the microwave which we joyfully washed down with cold beer.  Before we left the lodge, we arranged with Dorren for us to arrive back at the lodge at nine the next morning for breakfast and it was then that she let slip the her husband was outside in the garden plucking rhubarb to be made into pies at 11 Am tomorrow and that they would be ready for serving at 1Pm.  We left the premises rubbing our hands in anticipation and we quickly drew up a plan that would see us leave Chute Lake after 1Pm the next day.
The next morning,hanging around after breakfast and waiting for rhubarb pie afforded us the opportunity to have lengthy showers and do some laundry.  Our main distraction was the thousands of antiques that fill the property and both Roy and I took great pleasure in snapping a card full of interesting pictures.

The rhubarb pie was everything we had hoped it would be and the both of us ate several slices of the scrumptous desert before staggering under this huge load of fuel to begin our day - long descent down to Penticton. Luckily gravity was going to help to pull us to our evening's destination.

Photos by K. Roy C.

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