Monday, June 20, 2016


After many months absence, our writing group got back together on Friday night to write short stories and then read them aloud to each other. Most of us are cycling enthusiasts and never seem to run out of ideas.
It begins
Each participant is welcome to suggest topics and that night they ranged far and wide. For example, the subjects included: "Sex and Bikes", "Why steal a watch when you can steal a bike?", "Bike Advice" and my favourite - "Do bike racks get lonely in the winter?"
When I was a salesman I learned to answer a question with a question so it seemed obvious to me that this subject needed to be written in the form of questions:

 "Do bike racks get lonely in the winter?"

How do handlebars handle things?
Are pedals selling anything when they pedal?
Is a down tube really down? Or just having a bad day?
If a bike has a fork, where are the knife and spoon?
Do handgrips really have a grip on things?
Do kickstands like to be kicked?
What are saddles saddled with?
Why all the hubbub about hubs?
If your bike is female, is it inappropriate saying she has a nice rack?

The bike I use daily was sitting on my repair stand, transmission pieces scattered about my work area, so I did the sinful act of driving a car to our cycling group! However, after a couple of hours of writing it was gratifying to see two of my friends ride for home on the bikes they had ridden to the event.
Writers riding home

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