Monday, February 22, 2016

Movin' and a Shakin'

My commute by bicycle to work is much longer now that our company has moved us to the south side of the city. We have gone from the "Ice District" to what we call the "Hub Cap District". Adjoining our parking lot is a business that has thousands of hubcaps stacked in every conceivable spot. In years past, I have shopped there myself looking to have four hubcaps on my vehicle that matched.

What the longer commute means is that I have had to find a new way to keep my extremities warm during these winter months. In years past I have tried a number of methods but they proved to be impractical. This time, I think I have finally found a workable solution. Electric mitts and electric socks.
That's the ticket

Mitt out cold
As I write this blog, a train passes by the window not 5 meters away from where I sit. Having grown up near railway tracks, I enjoy seeing trains and feeling the deep rumble of their diesel motors. In fact, this train is close enough to feel my desk shake as it passes by on its journey along the steel highway. Maybe we are in the "Rail District".

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