Thursday, April 24, 2014

Killing Time?

If your choice was to sit for hours in a dumpy automotive showroom or ride your bike down an interesting pathway, which would you choose?

While driving to this business in Calgary last week, I noticed a bicycle path just two blocks away.  So with some careful planning, and knowing I was going back there, I packed my 20" Raleigh. There was anticipation of a pleasant bike ride versus twiddling my thumbs in a showroom that had nowhere to sit.

On two occasions I've had my wife drop me off at the Calgary Airport and then ridden seventy five kilometers to my friend's house.  It is an extra day of riding I manage to get in before my friend and I begin our annual bikepacking trip.  So I knew about this particular path but what I didn't know was that this route would take me past Calgary's snow mountain, a cremation forest and their science park.

Snow Mountain
The cremation forest is still in its infancy and the trees planted there are only a few feet tall.  Nearby is Deerfoot Trail with its constant stream of noisy traffic and the only activity in the forest itself was a dog defecating beneath the trees.

That a boy!

It took some doing, but I found a way to ride a bike to SPARK, the science park right on the bike pathway.  There are no signs to direct a cyclist to this facility and I didn't have enough time to investigate whether they had installed bike racks or not.  Besides, I had to get back to the auto business so I guess you could say that I had no time to park at Spark.
Bike parking?

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