Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Says it all
While quaffing green beer at Sherlock's on St. Patrick's Day, my friend the Raving Bike Fiend let it slip that he was going to be picking up a Raleigh 20" folding bike.  A lady had called him and said she'd had one in the garage for 40 years and wanted to make a donation of said bike.
Not China
My bar mate described the colour as "Root Beer" and that the bike was in excellent shape.  Would I be interested?  Do chickens have lips?  I was interested not because I was tired of Foldey Hawn but because I had seen Keith's 20" bike at a number of events and thought it had features I would like.  Foldy Hawn doesn't have a pannier rack for example.  So whenever I ride her, I have to stow everything in a packsack on my back.
The rootbeered folder
While replacing the rubber in my friend's shop, he recommended modern brakes that are more efficient.  The ones that are installed on the bike are rather mushy and you can see the brake calipers move when engaged.  As well, a Brooks leather saddle would round out the look of the bike and it is time that I broke down and spent the bucks on one of those fine seats.


  1. The Brooks would be most appropriate...

  2. Nice! We have a Dahon that's almost identical to yours (but it DOES have a teeny tiny little rack) and an R20 too. I think the R20 rides much better, but it sure doesn't fold as small as the Dahon.