Saturday, February 22, 2014

Studly Do Right

Our northern winter this year has been a mixture of freezing and thawing cycles (no pun intended) that have created an icy situation that necessitates me having to re-stud my winter bike tires.
A little excessive?
Since I had carelessly allowed my two cordless drill batteries to go dead, it was necessary to screw in each stud by hand.

Maybe I should have waited for the batteries to charge instead of wrenching my wrists trying to install hundreds of screws into each tire.
Porcupines would be jealous
My son who is into chainmail and studs would appreciate the end result of my efforts although I would have to warn him not to get too close to the tire since the studs are wickedly sharp.
Another option to consider is to start riding the bike south in the fall before Halloween since we always seem to have deep snow before that hallowed eve.
Boo! Hoo
I'm not suggesting that a person ride too far south - eventually you'd hit snow in the southern hemisphere!

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