Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Route

After much back and forth negotiation, my trusty cycling friend and I have selected this year's cycling itinerary.  What my buddy calls "The Best Of" reel.  The idea being to cycle to our favourite places along the Kettle Valley Railway.
On the way to Tulameen

Usually we will pedal 65 to 70 kilometers in a day and once with our friend Richard, we managed 85 kilometers to a place called Keremeos.  My road biking friends don't think much of this achievement until they discover that we were carrying 40 pounds of gear strapped to our bikes.  And that is without the added weight of water. 
Near Oliver

There are so many things that we want to do that it has been challenging to fit it all into seven days.  At my daughter's garage sale a fellow buying a bike seat asked me if I was involved with "all this" while he pointed to the many bikes hanging from the rafters.   He looked shocked to find out that we plan to ride 400 kilometers on this trip and he was even more surprised when I declared "Well we have seven days!".
The scenery near Christina Lake


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