Wednesday, April 3, 2013


All weekend long during my son's visit this past Easter, the talk was about survival techniques and equipment.  Chris explained in great detail a movement afoot called Every Day Carry in which a person carries basic emergency equipment - something I've been doing for years as a cyclist.
Every Day Carry?
I so badly wanted to go to what used to be the world's largest mall that I was willing to get my daughter to fix the front flat on my winter bike.  For some unknown reason, I've been suffering a number of flats this winter and I suspected that the 100 studs in each tire might be the culprit but no amount of checking them solved the problem.  Besides, Jackie needed practice fixing a flat since the last time she'd had one while climbing Anarchist Mountain, she'd gotten the old man to do it.

The black dot at the curve is a cyclist climbing Anarchist
It was after dealing with the throngs of Easter shoppers that I approached my bike with its nice hard, front tire that I noticed that the rear tire had now gone flat.  Luckily, every day I cycle, I carry a bike tool, a new tube, patches and glue, tire levers and a CO2 inflator.  What I didn't expect was that the tire inflator's compressed air cylinder was empty.  What I vowed to do was to buy a small pump so that every day that I cycle, I would know that I had a method of pumping up a flat tire.  I should remember to use the CO2 inflator for when I'm on a mountain bike tour - not when I'm traipsing every day around town on my bike.

What it felt like
It was only 20 blocks of pushing my bike to get home.

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