Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mean Streets

"...the water is polluted and the mayor's a dork..."so goes a line in a song by the Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie and I'm beginning to think that the reference to the mayor being a dork might apply to this fair city.  Especially with the controversy surrounding the city's plans to expand bike lanes by fifty odd kilometers this year.

I've voted for this guy in the past and I've even gone so far as to visit his campaign headquarters to collect numerous election posters and distribute them in my neighbourhood (and plant a bunch on my front lawn).  Mr. Mayor (call me Stephen) used to be a funny guy - his election posters would have slogans like: "Wears Glasses - Sees Big Picture" or the one pictured below:

Now the Mayor seems to have lost his sense of humour and is accusing his own city administration as being "ANTI - CAR" when this year's bike route plans were announced recently.  How can anything in this western city be anti car?  In our city, car is king! In spite of the fact that the newspaper used a photo of the Mayor on a bike in front of Silly Hall:
The Mayor (call me Stephen) is probably buckling under pressure from local businesses and from residents who stand to have their parking spaces moved.  Notice I said moved.  Not removed.  Not eliminated.  The city has done extensive, detailed studies of the areas involved and has come up with a plan that should satisfy everyone involved: cyclists, residents, motorists and business owners.
It can be a nightmare for cyclists out there on the city streets - especially on the new bike routes.  My daughter took me to a bike lane that comes to an abrupt end and leaves the cyclist facing oncoming traffic!  I can't help but think that bike routes are an effort not so much to help cyclists but simply to slow auto traffic down.  I bet you could never get anyone from the city to admit to that. 

I'm considering posters to plant around town....

                               "AVID CYCLIST -                       
                     NOT IMPRESSED! "                        

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