Thursday, January 10, 2013

Travelling Lightly

During the Jingle Ride, I felt inspired by all the bikes I'd seen decked out in Christmas lights.  Our long and dark winter days mean that winter cyclists need to use every method of being seen possible.

One method

The two watt headlight on my handlebar, while illuminating the route ahead of me and warning those approaching, is doing nothing about side lighting and I thought I'd buy some Xmas lights to give me more visibility.  In fact, I hoped my bike would look like this:

 What I hadn't taken into account was the difficulty of mounting lights without disturbing the brake and shifter cabling.  The two strings of lights I bought would have to bevpared down to one and that one string of lights wouldn't be able to cover the whole frame/forks.
Not looking like the above picture

In my haste to light the bike and get it out on the road, I grabbed a bag of cable ties and my tie gun and went to work on the battery compartment which I planned to install on the top of the pannier rack.  The picture below shows the results of numerous cable ties breaking because of the cold temperature and a hasty installation:
Installed by a four year old

While it is no work of art, the lights do help with side lighting and maybe if the temperature warms up, I'll be able to do a much better job of lighting my bike.


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