Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Picture Erasure

Dear Readers:

In all, I took 233 pictures on our four day bike-packing trip of the 330k Bitteroot Loop in Northern Idaho last week.  A friend of mine says that Mercury is in retrograde this year and that electronics will not be operating properly until that celestial phenom is over.  Maybe that would explain how I lost all of my pictures from the SD memory card of the camera I stowed in my handlebar bag.

My cycling partner Roy, clever guy that he is, transferred all of my pictures onto his hard drive at the end of the trip and is sending a copy of them to me as we speak.  So dear reader, I would like to wait until I can post those pictures before I tell you about:
The paved trail

Hot hot weather
The sections without paving
How we found pie!
My best tunnel picture to date
The dozens of trestles we rode across
How we didn't attach a camera to a bike
Barely any animals were spotted
So stayed tuned dear reader and your patience will be rewarded!

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