Tuesday, February 28, 2012

City Of Liquid Gold

As if being Canada's smallest city is not distinction enough, Greenwood, B.C. has been selected as having the best tasting municipal water in the world!  In the many times I've passed through Greenwood on my bike, it was having pie from the Copper Eagle Cafe that interested me the most.

The Copper Eagle

The Canadian Broadcorping Castration report that I heard included a clip of a store owner in Greenwood telling the reporter that people pull off the Crowsnest Highway to fill their water containers at her shop.  I know when Perry, Roy and I biked through that historic town and stopped for pie, we did ask to have our water bottles filled when we settled the bill.  I'd like to say that I noticed a difference in the water but perhaps my taste buds were still savouring the strawberry-rhubarb pie of which I had two pieces.

That delectable dish
Greenwood sticks out in my mind for a few reasons.  One being that we stopped in there last year at a roadside bicycle repair shop to get my broken chain replaced (to no avail) and Roy and I stopped on one of our bike trips just for the express purpose of photographing its picturesque buildings.  I also remember Greenwood as being near the one place on the Kettle Valley Railway where the trail had been permanently blocked by a landowner.  Getting over that barricade was quite an ordeal and we could have certainly slaked our thirst with a glass of world class water.

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