Friday, March 7, 2014

Swapping Good Times

With ten bikes scattered in and around my property, perhaps it is time to let some of them go.  I can only ride them one at a time - so what is the point of having so many?  Sure, I can argue that I need specific bikes for specific purposes.  My winter bike is configured differently than the one I use for bikepacking.  The folding bike called "Foldy Hawn"  is so much fun to ride and I enjoy passersby yelling out "Nice Circus Bike!".
Nice circus bike
My wife is convinced that if I only fixed the gears and the brakes on the tandem that then she would be happy to ride along...and how many three speed bikes do I need?  The Triumph that the Raving Bike Fiend gave me is one of my faves, so why not sell the one under a tarp leaning against the woodshed?

The tandem
And then there is "Furry Lewis" named after a bluesman who time had forgotten that cost me $500.00 seven years ago but has been constantly upgraded so that now another $1,000.00 worth of parts have been lovingly installed...
Furry Lewis

My favourite bike is the MOAB which matches my cycling buddy from Calgary's bike.  It fits me perfectly and I still get a charge out of Roy and I riding the same bikes.
The matched pair decked out for bikepacking
The whole idea is to sell the bikes at the Alberta Bike Swap and use the money to buy a BOB (Beast of Burden) trailer which I can use in place of driving an automobile.  I'm confident that my daughter will have me pick up her heavy groceries from the organic food store across town and compared to the last time she asked, it will be a pleasure!


  1. EBC is selling its BOB trailers. You should pick one up. I'm sure a volunteer discount could be arranged ;-)