Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Ride

Michael over at Earth's General Store is sponsoring a bike ride this Valentine's Day (Friday).  It looks like the plan is to ride along Whyte Avenue and stop at many businesses along the way.

The long range forecast looks promising as well - temperatures in the plus range which means more people will come and join  the ride.

My own Valentine is in Washington, D.C., not that she would join me on the ride.  Too bad since we do have a red tandem that would appropriate for Valentine's bike riding.

When the ride was originally planned, it looked like we were going to stop at Narayanni's Indian restaurant where we could enjoy an all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet.  My hope was to wash down their tantalizing offerings with a Singha beer.
Of course, I'd only have one and then wait an hour before getting on my bike - wouldn't want to be pissed on Valentine's Day!
The Valentine's Day bike Ride is expected to end up at Mike's Bikes - a new bike shop on the other side of the Mill Creek Ravine but still on the southside of the river.

We start off at a pizza place and I hope they have the heart - shaped pizzas.  A chain of pizza restaurants across Canada offer heart - shaped pizzas on Valentine's Day and they will sell 20,000 of them tomorrow night!

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