Sunday, July 7, 2013

The "Best Of" Reel

My steadfast cycling partner Roy suggested that for this year’s bikepacking trip we do a “Best Of” tour.  The idea is that we each make a list of our favourite cycling adventures that we’ve had together over the last six years and create a whole new pedaling holiday.

My partially completed list is already fairly extensive.  It was challenging to pick and choose since I’ve enjoyed so many of the places that we have cycled through.  Mind you, there are a few places that would never make my list.  Like Bridesville – a dumpy spot on the Crowsnest Highway.  Or Tulameen where we arrived with visions of a hot plate of fish and chips only to find out at the restaurant they were out of fish. 

One place I’d avoid is the section of trail between Eholt and Greenwood where someone has blocked the trail and the detour involves a long backtrack to the highway.  Riding back over already – ridden trail isn’t so bad except you have to ride past a clutch of ornery Llamas that have squatted right smack in the middle of the trail itself.
Pie at Greenwood

Off my list is Anarchist Mountain.  I have made the summit there three times in very hot weather and I don’t have anything to prove to anyone about that edifice.  Having said that, Roy and I did make the summit once riding in the cab of a pickup with our bikes and camping gear stowed safely in bed of the truck.  20 minutes versus 6 ½ hours.
Roy's picture of me climbing Anarchist

I’ll keep shaving my list down before Roy and I compare notes and come up with a plan.  I know that my intrepid cycling partner has enjoyed many of the same locations as myself.  Perhaps part of our plan will be to cycle to Tulameen and have fish and chips.

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