Monday, March 19, 2012

Good Potatoes

Pootle:  To ride a bike in a leisurely manner with no fixed schedule or destination.

The pootle begins
 And so began the first special ride of 2012.  The above title refers to a benediction that Keith (raving bike fiend) quoted as we hoisted our glasses of Innis and Gunn to celebrate this most important Irish occasion.  The fact that we were quaffing a Scottish beer in an English pub didn't lessen the joyfulness of the event.

The good old E&C
 After zipping across the High Level Bridge and locking our bikes in front of the Elephant and Castle, Keith apologized for the high speed of travel that he was responsible for as he led us to the south side of the river.  He mentioned owing us a quarter - it must be a cycling protocol of which I have no knowledge.

We have the highest respect for the law and it was with a certain amount of trepidation that we used one of the law books from the booksleves lining the pub walls to prop up the wobbly table we had chosen in the upper lounge area of the bar.

Breaking the law?
 Over the boistrous sounds of laughter and conversation, Keith explained to us his blessing of "Dobra Papusta!" while we clinked glasses, was a Polish expression meaning "Good Potatoes!".  Which was good enough for us to enjoy each others comapny and talk shop (bike shop).  Coreen described the merits of winter riding on 20" wheels and I disclosed a verbal altercation that I had had with a bus driver while on my way to the Sherlock Holmes.  This prompted the others to relate bike stories which included one person reaching into an offending vehicle and pulling the keys out of the ignition and throwing the keys away and another cyclist having twisted the words of an angry motorist in such a away that the driver ended up declaring that he was going to have abnormal sex!

Our next stop was less than a block away and we were introduced to another bike co-op volunteer - Jessica who happened to be working at the Pour House and served a fine tasing Irish stew that warmed right to the bones.  And that was gladly received since it had begun to rain outside and there was lots more riding and celebrating to do on this particular St. Patrick's Day.


  1. Dobra kapusta...I think dobra papusta means your sister is hot.


    My head still hurts a little...