Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One Night Stand

It's not too late to consider planning to bike camp this summer!  An easy way to do it is to go for an over-nighter.  Leave in the later morning or even in the early afternoon - get a few hours of riding in and end up at a local campground.  In enough time to set up camp, get a nice fire going, torque up the stove to boil water for the freeze-dried food you carried with you and crack open that bottle of red wine that was deep in your pannier.

Yes it will take some planning - reserving a campsite, snagging some dried food-in-a-bag, choosing an appropriate red to compliment the "DEEP WOODS STARVING CYCLIST CHILI", remembering to bring matches and planning a route to get there.
Don't bother carrying an axe or hatchet (you don't need the weight) as there will always be a camper that will kindly lend you one. Since it is only one night, you only need a change of clothes for the ride back the next day although you will need to pack everything else - tent, pegs, poles, groundsheet, sleeping bag, pillow, Thermarest mattress, bug spray,  personal grooming items, camera, shoes to relax in and you might want to bring a flashlight to illuminate that trashy paperback that you snuck into one of the myriad pockets on your saddlebags.

When you're back at work and reflecting on your one-night outdoor adventure, you're bound to begin daydreaming about slipping in just one more one-nighter before the days of summer begin to wane and  the leaves start to change colour and you start to think about all the things you have to do to get ready for winter.

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