Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Cracked Up Again"

Just so it is understood - the young friend I mentioned in my last blog is in his mid to late twenties (not the age of 10 that is the demographic that "Cracked" is aiming for).

There's the seat
The web article pokes fun at bicycle seats and there is a grain of truth in what they say.  I look at my own favourite seat - a hornless bike seat made by Spiderflex.  I believe these seats are made in Manitoba which alone endears them to me (my twin lives in Manituba).

Like many cyclists, finding a comfortable seat is a challenge and like someone told me last year "You sit on anything for 8 hours and it's going to hurt!".  Although sitting on the Spiderflex has been the most agreeable sitting arrangement I have ever found for biking.  When the "Cracked" article correctly points out veins, tubes and nerves that shouldn't be squished, then a hornless bike seat looks very appealing.

I'll admit that it took some time to break in the Spiderflex and once I did, it works like a charm and keeps all the "Special parts" undisturbed. My cycling buddy Roy didn't like the Spiderflex - he said it felt like sitting on a piece of plywood.  The company even offers a 30 day money-back guarantee - so you really have nothing to lose (except discomfort). Roy got his money back.


  1. I love my spiderflex seat! It took about two weeks to get used to it and get it totally adjusted, but it was well worth it!

  2. Yeah, I found getting the angle of the seat right took a bit of doing but once I got it right, I marked the angle with paint and even when I moved the Spiderflex to another bike and later reinstalled it, the angle was correct and I could ride in comfort again!

  3. I dunno, as a lady I find a horn comfy, but I like the ones with the space for soft tissues. A trick when cycling, or sitting in general is to physically move your muscles and perhaps fat off your "sits" bones, the ones that you sit on, by moving the tissue you are allowing for proper body mechanics and minimize the risk of sciatic nerve compression and pinching of blodd vessels...