Monday, January 17, 2011

That Baby has Disappeared

On December 28 I wrote a blog about a bike in my neighbourhood that appears to be abandoned.  While I realize that it is not a person, I still believe that inanimate objects have "feelings".  It has been established without a doubt that everything has energy or to put it a different way,  everything has a vibration.  You know this yourself when you go somewhere and it just doesn't feel right.  And for some unknown reason you don't feel comfortable there or simply want to leave.  Conversely, you go somewhere and feel relaxed and comfortable.  The place feels right for you.  I feel that way about Banff.

I feel bad about this bike.  Out in the cold, no one loving it.  Just the other day when I loped off to the corner store to get a paper, I couldn't even see the bike because of all the snow piled up on the edges of the parking lot, hiding the bike's resting place.  The snow pile is so tall that I don't think the bike could be moved without a lot of difficulty and perhaps it serves the owner right that they can't access their bike right now even if they wanted to.

Without seeming to let my imagination get away with me, I can forsee a time in the spring when, because of its proximity to a bus stop, that someone will cut through the thin cable that attaches the bike to the pine tree, save themselves $2.85 in busfare and ride off with the bike.  Or one Saturday I'll pass through the parking lot and glance over to the bike and discover the wheels missing.  Another visit to the store will show the seat scoffed.  Then the chain will be disengaged from the sprokets.  The frame will sink into the earth and begin it's inevitable decay.  Dried, brown grass clippings will fleck the once shiny handlebars.

  Chances are, the bike belongs to the owner of the convenience store and they had to ride the bike in to work because their car was being used by a visiting relative.  Then they caught a ride home with an employee and the next day the snow began to fall and the bike was forgotten.  You see, there I go again letting my imagination have full rein...

I'll keep you posted (no pun intended).

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