Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fancy Dancy Method of Recording

I used to carry around a small notebook to make cycling notes and observations. While on the MS tour last year, I came up with the idea of somehow attaching a digital voice reorder to my person in such a way that making audio notes or recording conversations would be simple and practical.
Now when I`m riding it is just a matter of hitting one button (which I modified with epoxy putty so that it would feel different than all the other buttons) to record and one button to stop.
Using a small square of velcro and some thread, I sewed the square onto the left shoulder strap of my MEC ``Camelback`` and using epoxy glue, I stuck the ``Hook`` velcro to the back of the DVR. In using it for over a year, the DVR hasn`t moved an inch and the recorder is close enough to my mouth that I don`t have to shout to make a decent recording.
Now, I just play back the recordings to write stories and to remember details. The recorder also has the date and the time that the recording was made - a handy reference!
I should add the the picture to the right in the ``About Me`` section is of me making notes while adventure cycling on the Kettle Valley Railway taken by my cycling buddy Roy near Westbridge, British California.

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